“Really helpful- have a lot more insight and feel much more confident after the session”

“Insanely helpful”

“Very easy to talk to, trustworthy, extremely helpful.  I feel very confident and ready to take the world on 😊”

“I found the meeting very helpful, I now have a better idea of where and what I want to do in the future”

“The careers session was very good as it helped me understand the course overall and it was nice to talk to someone about what I want to do and seek really good advice”

“I now know what subjects I could take and where I can take them.  I also know what Levels I can go to with my current grades”

“I feel more confident in choosing careers as I have been supported.  I know what subjects I need and what career route I’ll need in order to go into my desired occupation”

“Given me more options that I didn’t know before I came here”

“Clearer idea of different careers that interest me and fit my future job idea. I know the different grades I would need for my future and I know different jobs similar to what I want to do”

“It opened my eyes to how it will not be immediate and how I need to keep going after school.  I am much more confident as I have a clear plan of what I must do”

“Things I liked about this meeting: having allocated time to thoroughly think about my future, having the career pilot job profile interpreted, broadening my view of the future and looking at various options”

“It was really helpful, I was not aware of anything other than 6th form so I feel like I have a lot more options for myself”

“With this careers interview I have found more pathways I can take with the A levels that I want to take, and the requirements for those jobs and details (what you do while working in these jobs)”

“The interview was extremely useful as before I had little to no ideas about what I wanted to do but now after having the interview I have a lot more”

“Open minded, non-biased, friendly, supportive”

“Jo was very helpful with finding different courses and talking about mental health”

“Hi there! Current update on Weston college. I’ve been accepted and my interview went well following your notes, extra help and transitioning team have been notified about my needs and I will hopefully be able to study there happily and be fully supported in my learning 🙂”


“Hi Becky

Thank you so much for meeting with Year 10 students today. They all really enjoyed sitting down with you. And it is so interesting to get a fresh insight through these action plans!

Looking forward to working with you again. All the best for now and stay safe.”

Head of Year

“Thank you so much for your email. We will have a look at the websites you’ve suggested, I’ve just been looking at Whatuni and Googling courses so far, it’s a lot different than choosing courses and unis from piles of prospectuses!

It is a very tough decision for Cerys, which she is very anxious about making, and I really appreciate the guidance you’ve offered and the support she has received from school.”


I think you already know that our students are really lucky to have Jo – this is the fourth school I have worked in, and I have never come across Jo’s level of expertise or commitment before, so for my part I really want her back with us!


I am very happy with the detailed guidance that Jo gives to our students, which really helps them to see more long-term career options beyond the transition from Year 11 to further studies or employment choices.


“Hi Becky,

I just wanted to thank you for your work and patience today, especially in a very last minute set up with very little staff to support you!

The students I spoke to were excited about being chosen and really grateful for the opportunity to talk to you. Thank you for helping them.”

Head of Year

Compass Careers Anonymous Student Feedback Evaluation Impact Results 2022-23

Clarity about their Future

Before their interview: After their interview:
50% were a bit unclear 37% were much clearer
6% were very clear 60% were clearer
34% were quite clear 0% still a bit unclear


These results show that positive impact of our careers interviews.  There were 50% of clients that were a bit unclear before the interview but 97% were clearer or much clearer after their careers interview.


Confidence about making next steps and choices

Before their interview: After their interview:
5% very confident 46% a bit more confident
46% not very much confidence 51% much more confident
40% quite confident 3% still not very much confidence
9% No confidence 0% still no confidence


These results also show the positive impact of our careers interviews 57% of clients had no or not very much confidence in their ability to make next steps and career choices before their interview and 97% of the clients felt a bit more or much more confident afterwards. Furthermore, zero students rated themselves as still having no confidence.

Statistics for Academic Year 2022-3


Number of anonymous student evaluations Sep 2022-July 2023

Clarity about their future

10% of students that we interviewed that were very clear before their interview but 97% who were clearer or much clearer after their careers interview, and none that were still very unclear about their future plans.

Confidence about making their next steps

55% of students that we interviewed said they had no or not very much confidence in their ability to make their next steps and career choices before their interview and 97% of clients felt a bit more or much more confident afterwards. Furthermore, no students with 'no confidence to make their next steps or future choices.'

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